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Ro’liath had never been drunk, ever. But after spending enough time with Tevruden it was only a matter of time the other would convince him to try it. There was nothing to do at their post, sitting around standing guard while people slept was probably one of the worst assignments to receive in the Ebon Blade, but there were ways to pass the time.

A few drinks in and Ro’liath seemed to already be sloshed. It was shortly after he sparked a spar with Tev. He liked sparring with someone who not only was about the same size as him, but also had equal strength. With Eroseth it always felt like he’d accidentally hurt him.

Inebriated fighting was probably not a smart idea. Ro’liath whom was usually a great fighter absolutely blew it, Tevruden had him thrown against the wall and pinned in seconds, “Shit— that’s lame.” He laughed, looking at the knight with lidded eyes.

And then it happened, Tevruden’s cold lips pressed against his own. At first Ro was into it, not quite being able to discern what was happening. He kissed back.

After a moment though, Ro’liath realized what was happening, his eyes widening as he mustered the strength to push Tev off and began to furiosuly wipe off his mouth, “Tev— holy shit! Wh-what about Feiyn?” He muttered, brows furrowed, “Oh Light…Eros is gonna be so mad…”

(On Feiyn and bara DKs making out)

[1/16/15, 11:50:45 PM] Lord Runeboner: somewhere off in the distance feiyn is watching through her scope

[1/16/15, 11:50:49 PM] Lord Runeboner: and is very happy

[1/16/15, 11:50:58 PM] Tevruden: that’s like a combined Winter’s Veil and birthday present

[1/16/15, 11:51:02 PM] Tevruden: for Feiyn

[1/16/15, 11:51:38 PM] Lord Runeboner: exactly