1. chibis: $10 per character. full color, minimal shading. ex1, ex2, ex3, ex4
  2. sketches: $25 per character (2 characters max). full color, minimal shading. ex1ex2ex3ex4
  3. more examples: commission tag
  • only two max characters per sketch piece. no hard limit on how many chibis/piece but be warned that it will take me a long time for larger chib group pics 
  • prices may go up depending on accessories (including weapons) and/or character design complexity
  • i can’t draw furries/robots/mecha/non-humanoids, but everything else is probably fair game! NSFW is on a case-by-case basis, you’re welcome to ask though 
  • i will post your finished commission to tumblr, unless you ask me not to


Send an email to brocursion [at] gmail [dot] com with:

  • Type of commission(s) desired
  • Picture references and/or written descriptions of the character(s), and (optional) basic personalities
  • Name and tumblr/url that you would like me to post as credit when I post your comm on tumblr

If everything looks good, I will then email you back with instructions on how to pay! I will start drawing after I receive payment. I only accept payments via PayPal.


See here to determine status! IDK how many commissions I’m taking this time, I’ll just be takin’ em for as long as I want to.