Everyone is TIRED of Omog not getting the ladies! (Or men!)

Wyrmrest-Accord Horde come give Omog your best pickup line for a chance to win the following:

A Ghastly Charger, Amani Dragonhawk, Savage Raptor, rocket chicken and spectral tiger cub! Plus smaller prizes including some ass banshee’s music box and even more pets!

Gasp! Look at all that loot! How do I enter?

To participate ENTER HERE!

Where will this be? You will be summoned! We are not sharing the location yet to avoid any possible swarms of trolls.

When? 5:00 pm server on January, 17.

ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ ENTER HERE!

How will the winners be determined? Show up! Come and give your best pickup line for another chance! One item per winner. Winners for the larger items will be determined by pickup lines while the others will win through a random generator.

Don’t let the grumpy noof in the corner scare you away. He is there for emotional support for Omog.

(An event hosted by pujface, treatscraft and myself!)

Come, WOO the Omog! Best pickup lines – besides having an amorous Omog after them – will get some SERIOUS LOOT! And, you know, other stuff happens too. 



THIS IS HAPPENING IN LIKE AN HOUR ((((i think))))) SO come on your alts, your mains, whatever and come give the omog a wink or two ;D ;D I MEAN SERIOUS LOOT IS NICE TOO, LOOK AT IT