Pffft, my skulls are very flawed, but I think I have a pretty good idea on how to draw Sir Daniel’s skull!

It’s all about the shapes that you use and also utilizing the “stretch and squash” method, which is something many comic artists and cartoonists use when they want to put energy into their drawings!

I’ll show you a quick walkthrough of how I draw Sir Daniel’s head:

These are some shapes I can use for Sir Daniel’s head (leftmost shape being the default one). Notice how the other shapes have been stretched or squashed. This is important!

The most difficult thing is figuring out how one should draw his cheekbones. Most of the time, it’s a squashed ellipse that sticks out of the sides of Daniel’s head. But sometimes, it kinda…blends with the sides of his head as well. It’s pretty random, but as long as you can make it work with you, it should be ok!

Adding in the features here. There’s a method I use in drawing his teeth so I can draw it quickly and make it look pretty decent haha. SHORTCUTS AHOY.

Finishing touches~ But ye, you can see how much altering shapes can affect a drawing! Squash and stretch is your friend, even when it comes to drawing skulls haha. I apologize if I can’t give a better example, but I hope this helps! ;w;/