i hate doing these things but this is so important so i gotta clench my teeth and get through it.

i am in a very bad situation right now.

Due to health reasons i am unable to work and lost my ability to attend school, which left me with no money. no money at all.

ive been living off of savings, right now i have 20 bucks left to get me through possibly MONTHS.

i havent been able to eat properly for a long time now and its just gotten to its peak. when i had to get my blood taken because of other health related reasons i fell unconscious which has never happened before, i barely got back on my feet again, my blood was thick- they barely got any from my veins which also appeared to be extremely thinned. Those are all things that shocked me and woke me up, since i have never had issues getting blood taken. I have barely been eating for weeks, even before that i have struggled but now my body is taking damage from it and its terrifying

I need to eat, and i cant keep hoping for the best.

I am already unable to pay for my rent and i will loose my apartment, however with money from commissions i can pay my electricity bills and internet bills, thus being able to do commissions to provide food for me and my cat. To keep being able to drive to doctors and officials to hopefully improve my situation soon.

So i am opening commissions now.


story aside heres a little bit to guide you and tell you a little bit more

my strengths are unnatural looks of characters, for example unnatural skintones, long hair and generally things “fantasy”. beautiful characters in terms of how they present themselves i suppose. i do well with expressions i would say, though my favourites are more melancholic, dreamy, or stern expressions/moods.

my weaknesses are short spiky hair and generally less “fancy” things, simple characters.


payment through paypal, all USD.

if you would like to commission me please send me a fanmail(asks sometimes do not go through)or email to (which is also my paypal)

please, if you can, signal boost this. it would mean so much to me and might just give me money to eat orz