role model

No, she’s really not.

She’s a user.

No matter the gender, using people to give you stuff purely to get them to give you stuff is bad.

Okay, so there’s a few things going on in this gifset. One of them is weaponized femininity, which, yeah, annoying. Another one is the social contract which implies she owes him something in exchange for his drink. She doesn’t. Yeah, she’s taking advantage of a system, but all he’s out is a few bucks. This system is very often used to justify harassment, stalking, and sexual crimes against women: he bought her something, so she “owes” him something.

What should she have given him in exchange for the drink? Five minutes’ conversation? A dance? A kiss?

The humor in the clip is in her subverting a system so often used to screw women over. She’s taking the power out of his hands with a brazen exploitation of a social contract that says men buy their way into a woman’s good graces with a drink. In truth, women aren’t vending machines you feed kindness into until sex falls out. This nicely illustrates the concept.

It actually takes a fair bit of internalized misogyny to blame her for exploiting a system she had no part in setting up.

Role Model