Barthel said, ““The problem is we have a lot of people who are trying to create problems between the citizens and the people who try to protect them. My goal is to create a new brand, and that brand is going to continue to evolve into a sense of bringing people together.”

“We are not here to do anything negative to the public. We’re here to protect the public and we want you to breathe easy knowing that the police are here to be with you and for you and protect you.”

I checked Facebook on a whim because I happened to wake up to go to the bathroom, and now I am seeing red.

Fuck white people.

Fuck entitled, privileged white people who have the audacity to not only agree with this shirt, but get excited about wearing it. Who brag about twisting the dying words of a man that did not deserve to breath. For claiming a bastardization of a rallying cry against police brutality and turning it into a message that is so oblivious and callous and dismissive. 

Fuck anyone who thinks this is the way to respond to international outcry about the obvious racial issues still plaguing our country and separating Americans

Fuck Jason Barthel for thinking THIS was the way to respond to those that are hurt, scared, and angry about the fact so many African Americans and other minorities have been and continue to be unfairly profiled by law enforcement because of the color of their skin. For creating a, in his words, brand out of a dead man’s words when “I Can’t Breathe” WAS meant to bring people together, but not to snottily proclaim their white privilege and-oh-so informed opinion of how Eric Garner -should- have acted.

Seriously. Fuck this racist fucking nation and the scum that continue to perpetuate the truth that minorities will never be heard and taken seriously when they cry out “Injustice!” because so many of the white masses are uncomfortable, ignorant, or flat out racist.

Fuck white people. Except Eli Mills and the 1,656 people who get it. And you if you get it. But fuck all the rest of ‘em.

Do you guys forget…he broke the law and died resisting arrest. Yes, it was excessive, but sometimes shit happens. I’ve seen all the evidence and I simpithise with the african american community, but still, you’re defending a criminal that died…that’s the long and short of it. If he did not break the law, he would not have been attacked. I AGREE about the outrage over kids being shot, or when people get upset over racial profiling, but there comes a point where you have to ask “how far am I willing to stick up for a criminal”, and that’s just fucked up. I wouldn’t do that, and only support the riots and protests on a purely racial basis. There is a race problem in this country, and I agree that we need to change it, but actions like this just give people reason to gun down loyal, honest, law-fairing police that seek to protect us.

A man charged with no crime died (and thus wasn’t a criminal) due to a tactic no longer permitted by the NYPD and his children are fatherless and his wife is a widow but “shit happens?”

Fuck you too.

And I can’t breathe is not a call for the death of policemen nor is most rhetoric by protesters. Such actions are by the radical and the few and are largely condemned. Also. Fuck you again.

Did everyone miss that part of social studies class class that says it’s the courts that find people guilty and not the police or did they just conveniently forget that because they’re racist shits?