I have one night, two at most, and I’m on the street. My health is still in flux, as I haven’t gone into remission from the crohn’s flare, so that only compounds the issue.

I’ve overstayed my welcome with my stepdad, he’s willing to pay for my food and medical needs until I can get all the welfare I need, but his wife is done having me in the house. I am currently at my mom’s husband’s place, but it’s VERY temporary.

I have a limited window for getting on all the welfare I can, and I need a place to stay while that happens.

I was hoping on finding a cheap motel, something like an extended stay, but nothing is within my range right now.

So, I’m taking comissions again at $30 each, in the same style as this

Multiple characters, one main and up to two minor characters, I can take five at a time, but I cant work on deadline with health and paperwork putting a fine point on my time.

I would appreciate it if ANYONE in the Fayetteville, NC area would be willing and able to put me up, even if only for a week or so. I can cover my food needs and help with gas.

I also will gladly accept any amount of charity that anyone is willing and able to provide.

My situation is the most dire it’s ever been, and I don’t have any energy or pride left to turn down any form of help (barring really skeezy propositions).

Email me at with anything. I’ll be on skype a little later for my friends. Any general questions can go through tumblr message system.

And please please PLEASE signal boost, I am desperate.