Has Tev ever had to deal with problems associated with being undead, like picking carrion pests out of wounds, when he was first rezzed? After freshly released from LK’s hold.

The DK that killed Tev had a major hate boner for him (probably because every time Tev stabbed him he charged his sword w/ holy magic.) So right after Scourgeprom he stomped over to a necromancer dragging Tev’s body behind him, and was like “Raise this! Now!

Before they started raising him, Tev had been dead for maybe six hours at the most, so the most that happened is that his skin discolored and he started smelling a bit ‘off’. The necromancy probably didn’t help much with the smell either.

It could be a problem now if he didn’t kill enough things to regenerate properly after battle, but given the numerous amount of iron horde orcs, and how easily they’re punked even in gross places like Gorgrond (hot steamy jungle right next to equally hot desert, both places Tev hates) it hasn’t been a problem.

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