Messing around with Maiara Ashenhoof~

I decided to make her a bit bulkier and stronger-looking, simply because it both suits the whole “gentle giant” thing, and makes sense, seeing how she’s been fighting for most of her life.

Now, she stands almost 10 feet tall, and when in her armor, the Tauren lady – with her black fur – is quite an intimidating sight to behold.

At the time of the Iron Horde invasion, her age finally starts to show – she has several strands of graying hair now, and her face has noticeable traces of ageing… yet she still has all of her strength left. 

Wanted to draw her wearing something that’s common for her – like most Tauren, she’s very spiritual, and prefers simple and natural things – her clothing of choice is usually leather and rough cloth, and the jewelry she wears is made out of brass, copper and bronze, along with bone and ember beads. Some of the things Maiara wears are made by herself in spare time – as she doesn’t like to leave anything behind after a hunt or any other encounter with an animal, and will sometimes collect bones and other things to later make trinkets to wear. She sometimes gives them to others as gifts. 

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