I am utterly convinced that there is a vast, complex, and compounding scheme of lies within the online artist community where people desperately try to one-up one another with made-up completion times.

I have no doubt that there are skilled artists who can complete a glorious masterpiece in two hours but I am also completely convinced that for every one of those there are a dozen artists of similar skill who took ten hours but feel inadequate and lie that it also only took them two, and for each of them there’s another dozen less-skilled artists that feel even worse about their speed and post a sketch that took them four hours to visualize but then fob it off as a 20-minute doodle.

You cannot convince me that this isn’t true.

where’s the competition for taking the longest to complete really simple sketches and doodles because I would win 100% FITE ME

You say that but I have a comic that I have literally been working on since Cata. 

It’s not even an original thing I just got stuck thinking of a wow-appropriate joke for one of the panels and couldn’t come up with anything until like a month ago.

(And then the new expac. dropped) 

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