i feel like

if i was some kind of raid boss, it would have to be something with an enrage mechanic

i’ve thought about boss fights for my characters before because I AM A RAID BOSS or was/am sometimes rofl


  • Bubblehearthing to different corners of the room at different health percentages and on mythic you’d have to do some tomfoolery raid mechanic to break the bubble or else lose a ton of DPS
  • During wings phase I’d target a random player and cast HoW and if it wasn’t interrupted it would 1shot that person
  • In another phase I’d have an uninterruptable Blinding Light cast like that guy in ToC and if you didn’t turn around you’d get disoriented for like 4sec, and the lower my health the faster the cast
  • Healers gotta dispel HoJ off random players
  • tanks swap when Censure stacks get too high
  • If you hit the enrage timer I’d LoH myself to full because paladins are assholes 

I never really worked out why you were fighting him, but vengeance was Tevruden’s soft enrage. Eventually his damage would just get so ridiculous it would become unhealable. 

The tank swap was that he put blood plague/frost fever on the guy tanking him and you had to make sure that you switched tanks before he cast pestilence on his current target

At 1% he deems the raid ‘worthy’ death pacts to 50%, and lets them pass.

Tev’s hard enrage would be him raising all of the dead people in the raid as his undead minions who start DPSing their former raid members and healing him (with a similar graphic to what Arthas uses in ICC.)

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