The Earth is lumpy.

I was not aware of this. thank you

this makes so much sense but it makes me so uncomfortable 

i wish i hadn’t seen this

One time my bf was telling me about people who argue about intelligent creation by saying “the earth is perfectly round!” And I said “but it isn’t!” And he was so proud of me

wtf is this true???? 

gloucesterroad It looks round in pictures because it’s covered in water! This is a dry Earth, and the water distributes around it (almost) evenly because of gravity and spinning and stuff, and because flowy things tend to flow down into the dents. If you look closely, you’ll see that the continents are on the highest bits. The rest is ocean.
(That’s my not-so-very scientific explanation. It works kinda like that, though.)

That’s actually a geoid! It’s basically what the Earth would look like if everything were shifted around to have the same gravitational potential, and you ignored the effects of everything except its own rotation and gravity.