I’ve had a few people ask about commissions, plus a few commissioners haven’t gotten back to me. I will be keeping the normal prices until January, then they will go up. Plus I’m a poor college student and I have bills to pay, so please help me out ;u; <3 I’m out of school for now, so earliest I can get to your commission is today.

  • Send an ask if you’re unsure of something, if you’re completely sure with what you want, send an email to dearmsdearATgmailDOTcom
  • I accept payment upfront, but you can send after the sketch as well. Please make sure to send your references FIRST.
  • I can draw any character, not just blood elves lol Even your own characters, don’t be afraid to ask!
  • Extra characters are about half the price, the will be charged extra if they are just as complicated.
  • If you want a specific pose, expression, attention to detail, scars, marks, etc. Please let me know before the sketch has begun. If you need anything major after coloring you will be charged extra. 
  • Complicated armor is always extra, even with base prices here. 

All prices are in USD, if they are sent in any other currency, your money will be returned and your commission cancelled. I accept paypal ONLY. If you’re interested, please email me at dearmsdearATgmailDOTcom

I hope that’s everything, sorry if I’m missing something. Thanks guys, please signal boost <33333