Unholy spec can still heal itself with lichborne. Frost and blood cannot. Also having done a ridiculous amount of testing, Necrotic plague results in a dps loss even at max stacks for UH dks. Necrotic plague is a terrible talent IMO, and should only be used for tanking. I use breath of sindragosa or defile for melee cleaves


Our target caller is seeing damage increase in rbg situations using blood specc over unholy. Necrotic plague was a subject of a heavy discussion between him and myself, me giving insight from a healers perspective. (admittedly the last time i pvpd as a dk was some 3 years ago). It looks like we’ve settled for defile as its available more often and offers some more easily accessible utility of the slow and damage reduction. Ive even made him consider the enduring infection glyph seeing how necrotic plague is capable of removing its own stacks on jump after a random dispel takes place.

Honestly, Necrotic Plague seems like a terrible talent all over. 

It’s a terrible talent for tanking as well. I can’t refresh its duration using blood boil, meaning I have to spend runes that could be used for Death Strike. I get 2 RP every time someone infected with it, but TBH (and larger max health w/ Shadow of Death) running out of RP is not something I typically have a problem with.

Meanwhile, Defile hits like a truck, I get a flat 10% damage reduction when I stand in it and Crimson Scourge procs are ridiculous so I usually get it for free anyway.

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