Mood doodle before I go to bed, I had an urge to draw sunlight. Sort of.

Fun fact: Cellandria, of course, didn’t have any mounts when she lived in Silvermoon, but her mother did – she had a dragonhawk. After the Scourge invasion,  for Cel, the dragonhawk was one of the few things that were left as a reminder about her mom. But of course, her aunt decided to sell it once things started to settle down just a bit  – not because the woman lacked money, but well, enough is never enough, and she despised her sister, so it was only a pleasure to get rid of the beast as soon as possible, despite  Cel’s protests.

Several years later, however, Cel got it back, finding the new owner and buying the dragonhawk back, and you can imagine how happy she was about it.