Nonsense. Situational awareness just takes practice.
what is that sorcery called situational awareness and where can i buy some. no but seriously lol, I’m just not cut out for that – as a DPS, it’s like… Watch your healthbar, try not to stand in stupid. as a tank – watch yours, healer’s, the DPS’ bars, don’t stand in stupid, lead the group, set the pace, offheal, damage mitigation, pick up adds, taunt adds off… NAH MAN. DPS 4 LYFE

The only person you have to really watch in your party is the healer. Make sure they don’t have anything on them and they have enough mana to get you through the next pull.

Your job is to keep the mobs you pulled off of everyone else and stay alive and nothing but that. If the DPS want to pull extras they can tank it themselves.