AU [Draenor] Alkrenon is a commander of the Sargerei, known as Alkrenon the Kruel. Basically imagine a powerful Light-wielding, Legion-siding paladin with the jurisdiction and authority to force an entire district in Shattrath to submit to the Legion and then some.

See, in our current timeline, the Alkrenon we know, was supposed to be a paladin but the Light dimed from him as a Vindicator-in-training during his youth. Alkrenon, no one, really understood why this happened, but it made Alkrenon lead down the path of the hunter/rangari we know today. Thing is the Light faded from Alkrenon to prevent this scenario, knowing that Alkrenon would betray his people if he continued down the path of the Vindicator. So, in short, the Light saved Alkrenon, and everyone else, from himself.