They’re just as bad.

This was garrison general chat last night:


I’m probably not the best person to ask because my timezone (CET) doesn’t often allow me to be on when the servers are at their high population peaks so I often don’t get to see what everyone else typically complains about. I don’t think it’s bad at all! I love my RP servers and have a great time.

Maybe one of my american followers could better inform you based on their opinion/experience? 

 "He takes up a job defending Varian Wrynn as the Royal Khadguard.“

 "Khadgar goes back to school for a degree – Gradgar”

 "Khadgar trolls peoples on the internet: Umadgar"

 "Khadgar race changes to tauren, Gnomepuntergar"

 "Khadgar’s wife divorces him – Sadgar"

  "Khadgaer divorces his wife Gladgar"

 "Khadgar finds Mankrik’s Wife – Memegar"

 "Khadgar starts a fight club – Bradgar"

 "Khadgar lives in trade chat: Analgar"

 "Khadgar visits Thor – Asgar"

 "Khadgar likes to do dirt motorsports: Quadgar. “

 "After declaring war on Shrek, he renamed himself Lord Khadgarquad.”

 "Khadgar goes to White Castle; Khumahrd"

 "Khadgar becomes a lumberjack – Plaidgar"

 "Khadgar challenges Chuck Norris to a duel, Wasgar"

 "Khadgar follows the trend – Fadgar"

 "Khadgar’s parents, Momgar and Dadgar"


 "Khadgar in college: Fratgar"

 "Nope Khadgar in cellege is Gradgar"

 "Khadgar at band practice – Jamgar"

 "Middle class American Khadgar: Brokegar. “

 "Khadgar gets a job at Achievement Hunter- Ladgar”

 "Khadgar becomes a clumsy character in a Star Wars movie… Gargar Binks"

 "Khadgar visits a pet store. Catgar.“

 "Khadgar poops his pants: Shatgar.”

 "Khadgar in pvp: Badgar"

 "Khadgar wears some Fabulous Faberic,  isn’t that right, Fabgar?“

 "Khadgar starts doing 3D modelling – CADgar”