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Can alliance get doge it is it horde only doge?

Anyone can get the Garn Nighthowl wolf mount from Nok-Karosh in Frostfire Ridge, including alliance!  But Nok only drops 1 mount at a time.  It’s a 100% drop and she spawns every 10min but you gotta be lucky.  

Nok can’t be tanked so you kite her around and around and around until she dies. In our 4man group we had our hunter kite her around a big rock for like 5min.  I used my priest to drop feathers and our DK sometimes taunted her when he had rocket boots/glider up.  Nok is a super easy kill as long as you keep moving.  Use speed boosts lol.

We farmed this mount for like 4 hours last night and what we’d do is kite him up the hill and everyone would use their Call to Arms ability (or Army of the Dead) and have the grunts tanut Nok-Karosh while we burnt her down. Between the grunts and the ghouls taunting her back and forth and all the DPS we had, we spent about 30 seconds fighting her and 10 minutes waiting around for respawn.