Ahh yes, perspective.

ni x ghoul, the real powercouple

“Ni-S-senpai…” the ghoul whispered, his voice choking with emotion. His rotted cheeks were rosy with inhibition and restrained feelings. Ni tipped up the ghoul’s chin with his thumb, looking down his nose at his young ward. “What do you want from me…ghoul-chan.” The ghoul squeezed his eyes shut and tossed his head about. “I JUST L-LOVE YOU. I WANT YOU TO BE THE ONLY ONE FOR ME.”

Ni considered this coolly for a moment, staring off into the distance with his frozen orbs.

“I would DO ANYTHING FOR YOU, S-S-SENPAI!” The giant death knight stood up from the picnic, and took his gloves off. “SENPAI W-ARE YOU UNDRESSING?”

“Ghoul-chan…you are the most precious ghoul to me. Your…sacrifice will serve me well.” Ghoul-chan gasped, tilting her head.

“Sacrifice, senpai?” Ni snapped his fingers and the ghoul ruptured and exploded, scattering black ichor, bones and rotted flesh across the sunset-bathed lawn.

“DEATHU-PACTU SUCCESSFUL,” Ni uttered, pinching the bridge of his nose and looking away from the gore.