I’ll try to help out when I can if you need a body for raids

my healers can help but they are saved  so the raid leader has to make sure he/she is inside of the instance first before I go in. I would like to get heirloom for my warlock, warrior, and dk

and another thing – I need advice about blood tanking since 6.0.3

icy vein’s ok but I rather talk with a person who is of that class and is awesome who is out there on tumblr.

off to work – Pray my car holds

>_< I have until Monday to put the paycheck to bank and THEN take it too the shops.

Other than replacing Heart Strike with Blood Boil and Rune Strike with Death Coil, blood’s rotation really hasn’t changed. Its actually a bit nicer since Plaugebearer replaces Roiling Blood and causes diseases to automatically be extended by four seconds every time you spend RP.