Well hullo there. We’ve got quite a bunch of you already!

It just so happens that im not the most attentive blogger around- Ive had a giveaway planned for a long time now, but the first milestone I set for myself fell before I was even remotely ready to deal with anything of the sorts. I’ll wait a hundred more!- the past-me proclaimed 110 followers ago. Fool me once, shame on you, past-me. It’s time to get our collective hands dirty.

My idea is simple: you guys reblog some stuff, maybe like it too. One entry each. If you’re a follower before I post this, you get another one. That it, 3 entries max.

Whats there to win? I guess I can try doing some arts! I will roll the dices twice. The first prize will include a colored, full body shot of a (non-canon!) character of your choice. Probably yours, just give me some visual reference. The runner up wins a headshot, the like of the ones included above. If this post reaches 150 notes, we’ll have two runner-ups. I draw on A3’s

For more examples of my stuff check out my blog. Tagged #my stuff. Duh

A small, sneaky disclaimer, though. While Ive mentioned theres extra points for being a follower by the time I post this, you have to be a follower of mine by the time I draw the winners for your entries to count. Its just a bonus for sticking around. Might be worth mentioning- no giveaway blogs allowed!

The giveaway ends on November 16th, noon (GMT+0). I’ll announce the winners within 24 hours, hopefully. You’l have 3 days to poke back at me with what you want drawn. Or not. Just poking works alright too if you’re not interested in free art.

Missing the 3 day reply window results in a re-roll. Id rather avoid these, for obvious reasons x)

Summing up:

Like- 1 entry

Reblog- 1 entry

Being a regular- 1 entry

Follow to qualify for the prizes

Ends 16th Nov

Welp. I think thats it? Good luck everyone!