Starting off, we have the typical issue that tips me off to a questionable profile. This character stands at 6’8. Bad roleplayers have a tendency to make their character unnaturally tall. This will be a common complaint, have no doubt. I don’t know if people simply believe having someone super tall makes them more badass or if it is an attempt to say they are stronger because of it.

So lets take a look at some of the death knight concept art:



And some TCG art:


Hey these guys look pretty big!

“More iron bulwark than man.” Plate wearers seem to be more prone to absurd shit like this than other armor wearers. They talk about their armor/metals in it to sell the fact that you can’t hurt them. The talk about frost is likely another allusion to defending against heat based attacks like fire.

Actually it’s probably a way to mention that the person is a Frost DK without saying it outright. “Show, don’t tell” and all of that nonsense about good writing.

My internet detective skills confirm this.

The second paragraph is more stuff that simply does not need to be in a description. Seeing him would not tell you this. It is also telling you how to feel about his character. People like this want to tell you how to react, instead of letting you play your own character. Beyond that, he goes further into his absurd armor. The description about the armor being a weapon itself and the type of metal are his justification when the inevitable fight comes and he can simply ram you to hurt you. Even disarmed, he is supposedly fully capable. The weapon is another absurd item. A greatsword nearly seven feet tall? But people like this will never admit that all that layers of heavy metal plate and absurdly large sword would begin to slow them down at all.

Yeah a greatsword that is nearly as tall as the death knight wielding it that–


would be–


oh never mind they’re undead anyway! It’s not like they couldn’t be super strong or something.

Well what about the ridiculous spiked armor?



This profile has less detail than many, but hits most of the general features of a bad roleplayer. Over-focus on armor, giant weapons, described mastery of combat, and defense against most magics (less explicit, but due to his being a death knight).

Oh yeah that’s definitely not a th–