Galvaron Dusksorrow, what a badass! I still don’t get why Blizz never explained why DK’s change their last names to edgy words. 

6’2, not surprising, and with blue/blood red eyes. Because edgy people don’t need standard eye colors! 

Also not a surprise, he has decided to describe his runeblades before he even talks about his character. Because to these people, weapons are more important than anything else. How else would you know that they could kick your ass? Standard absurd sword shit, has demon runes and can absorb blood for him to use for healing and spells. Because it isn’t enough that he is a good fighter, even landing a hit will win him the fight because he’ll heal all you do to him!

Any his second weapon has shadow tendrils or something. Again, something you see on the first weapon and this one, he has to tell you about his cool metals! Because saronite is just better than everything to them.

Actually describes his armor as “virtually invulnerable.” And immediately follows it with the bit that it is 1. Lighter than normal steel, 2. Defense against magic. I will give him that he put in the part that very good attacks could get through. But a lot of profiles have these WELL, THIS COULD BEAT HIM! But I find that these people rarely ever play up their weaknesses. In a fight, they tend to ignore what they’ve noted. It doesn’t matter if they take wounds as long as they win, something important to keep in mind. They put in things like this to seem like they aren’t being OP powergamers and ignore them in actual situations. 

Blah, blah, a super fight with every weapon. Let’s go over this again. Fel/blood magic user, full plate, multiple weapons, can self-heal, has magical defenses, his armor is almost unbreakable. Perhaps less absurd than many profiles, but still sigh worthy.

So you do understand that’s literally how Saronite works in the lore, right?

Because Saronite being impervious to most forms of magic didn’t stop being a thing that happened:

Eitrigg places the ore on the ground next to the fireplace.
The avenger snorts, clearly unimpressed.
Eitrigg says: Now we will see why this ore is so important to the Scourge.
Eitrigg says: Korfax, what can you tell from this saronite?
Crusade Commander Korfax says: Saronite you say?
Korfax approaches the ore.
Crusade Commander Korfax says: Never heard of it. Looks like pure evil.
Crusade Commander Korfax says: Let’s see how it holds up to the might of my axe!
Korfax attempts to cleave apart the ore.
Crusade Commander Korfax says: What the? My reaper didn’t even scratch it! That’s the toughest ore I’ve ever seen!
Avenger Metz rolls his eyes.
Eitrigg says: Rayne, Rimblat, what about the power of nature and the elements?
Rimblat Earthshatter says: Let us see if it is truly impervious.
Rimblat and Rayne attempt to attack the ore with the powers of earth and lightning.
Rimblat Earthshatter says: Nothing.
Rayne says: By the Goddess. It’s as if Nature can’t touch it!
Avenger Metz says: No surprise there.
Eitrigg says: Metz?
Avenger Metz says: What?
Eitrigg says: You know what.
Avenger Metz says: Fine. Just remember though, the power of the Holy Light isn’t something to be invoked casually, brother.
Metz channels Holy energy and strikes at the ore with his mace.
The ore begins to glow bright green and to emit a thin green gas.
Avenger Metz says: What’s it doing?
The ore erupts, sending out a wave of malevolent power, knocking over the whole company.
Rayne says: Gah!
Crusade Commander Korfax says: Oof!
Avenger Metz says: Woah!
Eitrigg dusts himself off.
Eitrigg says: Clearly this is getting us nowhere. We need to get this saronite to Highlord Fordring for further study.
Eitrigg says: Thank you for trying, my friends. We’ll unlock its secrets. Hopefully before it’s too late.
Avenger Metz grunts.