My husband and I have recently been hit hard by surprise expenses, and we need money for gas and cat food. So I’m opening up nsfw sketch commissions!

**Keep in mind that I’m currently working through a full queue, so it will take me around a month plus to get to these**

  • prices are in USD and I will only accept payment upfront
  • payment through paypal only. please send to templum_sanctus@yahoo.com
  • max of two people per sketch
  • minimal environment included (such as pillows, bed, couch, blankets, etc)
  • no furries or mecha please
  • will pretty much draw any position(s) you want
  • I will draw any combination of genders
  • I reserve the right to refuse a request that makes me uncomfortable (no scat, gore, vore, peeing, inflation, intense bdsm, noncon, fisting, etc—talk to me)
  • please give as many references as you can — previous art, personality, name, descriptions, faceclaims, scars, tattoos, body type; I want to draw your characters as accurate as possible!
  • original characters are more than welcome!!
  • keep in mind these are sketches, so the work will not be polished
  • I will post the finished product on tumblr as well as email you a hi res jpeg
  • please email me with your request and all other inquiries at templum_sanctus@yahoo.com