COMMISSION FORM // commission info // sirmeo @ gmail DOT com

Since there are only two items on my queue (and I will finish at least one of them tomorrow), I suppose I open this thing again!

Hello, I’m offering waist up commissions, 17 usd for single character, 30 usd for couples. For this price you are getting a fully colored artwork with simple background graphic.

Fill out this form — I will send you a direct invoice to your paypal once you get the slot!

I’m only taking 10 slots and then closing down this sale, so now is your chance!

I can draw original characters, human(oids), furries/anthro, mmorpg player characters, fan characters and the like.

I cannot/will not draw worgen from WoW, fanart (of canon characters), MMO npcs…

All artwork should be completed in 1-3 weeks from receiving the payment. If there are delays, I will notify you!  I take paypal only, and I will invoice you, so don’t send me payments before receiving an invoice! You can track my commission progress HERE.

If you want more examples of my artwork, check out my art tags!

COMMISSION FORM // commission info // sirmeo @ gmail DOT com

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