“I’m never going back to that place”

So, um, yeah, about Cel… like I mentioned before, she ran away from Silvermoon. 

Long story short – growing up, she always looked up to her mother, who was a priest, and dreamed that one day, she’ll follow her mom’s footsteps. She had already begun her training when, unfortunately, disaster struck – the Scourge. Her mother, among many others, perished in that battle, and Cellandria was left with her aunt and her son. As it later turned out, however, the woman didn’t take Cel in because she cared about the girl – not really, she had other plans, and as the young elf learned, she also turned out to be a rather manipulative and abusive woman – and the events that followed after the invasion of the undead army just made things worse.

Cel, despite this, stayed with her aunt for a few years – not only because she had nowhere to go, but because she – now more than ever – wished to somehow find a way to finish her training. After a certain incident, however, the girl – being no pushover, really – understood that she can’t take it anymore and decided that she’d rather face the world than live a life that is no better than a life of a prisoner – even if it meant giving up her dream – or so she thought.

After that, she spent some time travelling, until one day, fate, having an odd sense of humor, led her to meet someone quite unusual.