SERIOUSLY THOUGH like the immediate kneejerk reaction was someone posting their own wild conjectures based on a two-sentence summary. if they truly cared about representation, they would’ve contacted the production team and voiced their concerns, as an investor in the project. but we all know why that’s not what happened.

lgbtq whites literally just reached for any excuse whatsoever to write the project off as a bust. 

the timeline was like—

1. automatically assume that the only sex that will spread the virus is het sex, write a tumblr post spreading blatant misinformation

2. lgbtq whites throw a SHITFIT

3. someone contacts the team and asks for clarification, we learn that all sex is deadly

4. lgbtq whites throw another tantrum over nonbinary and trans representation (lol like their fave white shows are overflowing with trans and nb people)

4b. lgbtq whites assume that a french-canadian team would have an understanding of concepts most people in the lgbtq community don’t even have any idea exist

4c. i honestly don’t blame the team for cosigning someone who went UGH TUMBLR SJWs— because you know what? if someone is shouting at me in a language i’m not totally fluent in using terminology i don’t fucking understand and have never encountered before and have no resource for studying up on, then they get mad when i don’t tell them exactly what they want to hear, i’d write them the fuck off as well. every single one of their responses was ok we hear your concerns and we will address them (read: we have no idea what you just said but we’re trying to work it out) (i know a shitton of people who are ESL, that’s a familiar-ass response)

5. someone (COUGHMECOUGH) hits them up with a clarification of the obscure english-exclusive terms people are tossing around, we’re told that they will take nb and trans individuals into account as soon as they understood the concern

5b. they explicitly state the government-forced binary is a NEGATIVE THING and is something THAT SHOULD BE FOUGHT AGAINST

6. whites drag out an fb post touting ‘colorblindness’ in the team and as a character design philosophy, which could mark the first time in history that whites are acknowledging colorblindness as a problem

6b. whites casually forget that colorblind casting used to write out people of color is problematic, but if a team is saying ‘colorblind’ and then creating almost all brown and black characters, then the harm in that philosophy is mitigated

7. whites continue to harp on the main romance between an ostensibly cis dude and an ostensibly cis woman because they’ve apparently never in their lives considered that while interracial (with white) and white het couples are quite common in all kinds of media, pairings featuring two poc is almost nonexistent whether straight or not

8. whites continue to operate on previous assumptions despite the amount of clarification

there’s almost definitely more fuckery i’m missing but if this ends in urbance not getting funded you know who to blame

i’m not saying there’s no room for critique on urbance, i am saying that the differential in the amount of leeway [white] fandom will give a creative work, and forgiveness of problematic elements is pretty fucking wide and racist as fuck when it comes to shows that star mostly white people (wait until it comes out! maybe there’s more information!) compared to shows that star mostly black and brown people (DON’T SUPPORT IT GUYS IT’S DEFINITELY TRANSPHOBIC)

like there’s a post going around telling people to watch agent carter!! DEFINITELY WATCH IT NO MATTER WHAT BECAUSE WOMEN!! while casually passing over the fact that the cast is white as all fuck. but URBANCE, well URBANCE’s sins are unforgivable.