Hey. Hey. I have another Warcraft-related question.

I wanted to know what do people think about the Alliance-Horde conflict?

PvP, game mechanics etc. aside, do you think both factions should continue to fight against each other, or should they finally, finally find a way to stop and live in peace – or, well, as peaceful as it’s possible in their situation, lmao. 

Like, people who mostly play on one side, do you dislike the other faction, or don’t care? How does that reflect on your characters and what do they think about their “enemies”?

The reason I’m asking is just curiosity, as I’ve remembered my time on the Russian servers, and what people told there, what my guild was like, and wondered what are people’s opinions here.

Me, personally, I… Eh. While I like PvP – I find it pretty fun, okay – I’m not a fan of the whole “Alliance-Horde war” thing. To be honest, it does make sense, since many races from both factions share an… unpleasant past and even present, to say the least, and are far way too different, and story-wise it creates the needed tension and drama if not handled poorly, but… but. I’m probably one of those people who’re just “Please stop, this is stupid. Stop killing each other. I don’t like this. Can’t you be friends. Please. I’m really tired of this”

here’s hoping no one will read this as me forcing my opinion on others or accusing everyone of having wrong opinions like everyone did LAST TIME

I always thought the ‘cold war’ we had at the beginning was best. There’s no reasonable way for the alliance and the horde to both fight each other and whatever threat we’re fighting in each expansion. Especially since each expansion happens like a year after the previous one in the timeline.