The darkest skin option for humans is now #10 on the selection list:


Not sure why its position on the list was changed but it’s still there.  Been reports of other races having similar issues with skintones not matching so it could just be a bug.

I’ve also heard worgen players have had their fur/skintone combos messed up and the darkest gilnean flesh tone no longer matches the corresponding worgen fur tone.  I’m guessing the darkest flesh tone was mismatched to a different fur tone.  If it had been purposely removed we would have seen something about it on the PTR or beta.

That being said, for humans at least, the darkest skintone option appears lighter than the original corresponding skintone.  Whether it’s truly lighter or a product of updated models + updated lighting is hard to say.

Yup, its a bug for the worgen:

As work progressed on updated character models for 6.0.2, there was an error in how we numbered the texture files used to set which skin tones are linked between them. Some Worgen players out there are seeing a pretty stark mismatch, which is due to the game simply pointing at the wrong texture file. While it’s a simple error, it does require a client-side change to correct. We’re in the process of working on a client side patch to address this and a few other issues, and we’re working to get that out tomorrow if possible.