Things just melt. What took me and a rogue in full heroic gear about 2 mins to kill now takes just me DPSing about 10 seconds to kill. The legacy buff+ ICC buff makes things crazy

yeah well i think i 3 shot the council today.


I did it w/ heavy-hearted-prince yesterday and I was basically hitting things for 1M even as blood.

I don’t have the screenshot on this computer  but Fury of Frostmourne only hit me for 12k.

FoF was easily surviveable even before the squish, it only hit for 800k. 1 cooldown was enough, not that it mattered with the ress you get once it kills you.

The biggest oblit crit i got was 6M, but thats with the plague scientist buff.

Easily soloable. Really. Go get your invincibles, guys.

Trust me, I know this, I’ve been surviving it since T14:

Before the squish I could easily eat w/o cooldowns. This time around, it didn’t do anything. Like I couldn’t even see it hit, I had to go through the combat log to see how much it hit me for.