So apparently the ‘NEW’ Molten Core Limited-Edition LFR will be a level 100 Raid.

Meaning that Everyone will need to get to 100, Gear up enough to enter the instance, then pray they can actually get a group and down all of the bosses in the limited time we have after the…

thought this was coming out with 6.0 patch?

This royally sucks, I for one don’t like to rush to level up with new content being so few and far between in game.

Since 6.0 is also going to patch abilities/talents/glyphs/etc, if it came out with 6.0 you’d have four weeks to figure out your new skill set and run the raid before WoD dropped. Then one of two things would happen:

  1. You’d out level the raid instance.
  2. Queue times would explode as everyone else outleveled the raid instance.