This piece is so important to me, not because I give two shits about what it has to say nor do I think Blizzard will ever admit this expansion’s theme was a huge mistake before it even launches, but because more and more people are getting on Blizzard’s back about this orc-centric and Thrall-centric bullshit and the more people that are pressing them and getting annoyed at the lore and Thrall overall, and it’s very very obvious that they are by the above pic that they are doing that, the more likely it is Blizzard will knock it the fuck off

reading these made me so mad lol

just makes me hate thrall and blizzard’s continued worship of him even more. i’m gonna enjoy WoD for the raids and mechanics but I have zero interest in the story at this point.  

hey kids, I know you didn’t like Thrall in Cata but have you considered: liking Thrall?

Do we at least get to suck Thrall’s dick in WoD?  Because I can’t say I’m ever opposed to orc dick.  I mean it really sounds like it’s something they’re trying to accommodate.

Orc-themed expansion has prominent orc character(s).

Draenei/Kul Tiras/Tauren/Gilean/Emerald Dream/Forsaken/Redeemed Scarlet Crusade/Illidan/Stromgarde/Beef and Lordaeroni expansion when?