*makes hour-long fart noises*

“Im sorry but black people cant be elves because black people arent beautiful or good”

Please tell me this anon is fucking joking.

Poc can’t be pure apparently

This is something a friend of mine actually said to my face while I was talking about diversity in books the other day. I really don’t understand how people could think it’s strange for a fictional mythical creature to have darker skin. If it’s about staying close to the original, then why do they think it’s fine for vampires to walk out in the sun? Why do they use Tolkien as a source instead of the original elves? And if it’s about beauty and purity… how can they not see how racist they are? How blinded can they be by their own hateful delusions? 

I hope the anon trips and falls into a pile of wet shit for their disgusting, racist delusions

like seriously I don’t even have a longwinded educational comeback for that they’re just disgusting fucking hell ew anon I wish upon you allergies to everything and a rash in your privates 

And I hope you know how ugly and impure and dirty you are

because ew

I wish your kind didn’t exist, anon, but here we are

I feel dirty just looking at your comment

My skin is crawling

Bask in the apparent “impurity” of my PoC elves you shitstain-anon

Impure and “unethereal” my ass

elves are elves, people are people, “pure white skin” or not. in fact, we need more dark skinned elves to add to this – i suggest others add their own art too.