I have yet another silly question and it’s bugging me. 

Like. So okay, if Death Knights have that, ah… little problem that is the “I need to kill things or I’ll go nuts”, how do they travel, I wonder? I mean, of course, there are portals and stuff, but you can’t always use those. Sometimes you have to travel, say, by sea. I don’t know how long it takes to sailfly from one continent to another in Azeroth, but I’d imagine that, realistically, it could take up to at least few weeks? To the farthest of them, at least. So how does a DK not murder everyone on the shipzeppelin while they’re there I wonder. It’s not like they can bring stuff they can kill along with them?

Or it actually takes only a few days to travel like that, which would be really weird.  

Trans-atlantic zeppelin flights were actually not very long! The Hindenburg’s journey only actually took like three days from start to finish, mostly due to unfavorable headwinds. Its sister, the Graf Zeppelin made a trans-pacific flight in something like 80 hours. I would think most death knights could probably mind themselves for that long though they’d probably be quite irritable at the end of the flight.

Ships might be a bit more difficult. I’m not quite sure how long a cross-ocean flight would be, especially since they’d have to avoid the maelstrom, but catching fish might might help.