• An unsubtle quip about how players have been asking for Brown Orcs and other darker skin tones for their models, yet the only news about new skins is to make worgen whiter? Why uh, why is that?
  • A similar question pointing out that every race that has human skin tones has a white option, but gnomes, dwarves and blood elves don’t have a dark skin option. Any plans to change that?
  • A very carefully worded question about how Wrathion and Anduin are really funny together, are there any plans to reunite their friendship? Maybe get a cool black dragon as an ally to the Alliance? You’re not going to throw him down the villain hole and get him killed off are you?
  • Is it true the next expansion is going to be called ‘A Million Orc Cocks in My Mouth’?
  • Where’s Sabellian
  • Where the LGBT+ characters at
  • Where the fuck is Thassarian and why haven’t Tirion or Darion even talked about Syvlanas yet?
  • When are blood elves gonna fix the other half of their city like for reals I’m not even asking for flying I just wanna see SOME kind of development in a zone that’s almost 8yrs old ok
  • hey…. so….. like….. gilneas, right
  • So… what’s going on with the races other than the orcs?
  • Is the Exodar fixed yet?
  • Where’s Koltira??

The Exodar has been fixed, but since they can’t fit it through the Dark Portal it will be known as Sir Not Appearing In This Expac.