Warning: Major Warlords of Draenor spoilers.

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What a lot of people like to forget is that Garrosh never wanted to be Warchief. He begged Thrall not to give him the position, telling him that he was a man of war, not diplomacy. That’s right: When Thrall gave Garrosh the mantle of Warchief, Garrosh told him flat out that he did not want it, that he would not do a good job, and that it just wasn’t a good idea.

Being an adult means that you have to do a lot of things that you’re not ready for. Not to mention that if Garrosh didn’t want the mantle of Warchief, he could have just found a replacement and stepped down, but his pride got in the way and he chose not to.

Garrosh doesn’t get a pass for Thrall’s decision, and he gets the exact opposite of a pass for:

 “And now, here at this moment, when I am free to speak my mind and heart, I tell you true: I regret …”

His laughter rang through the arena.


   Anduin forgot to breathe. He felt cold, numb. He sat, staring at Garrosh, for a moment unable to mentally process the words. Sound hammered on his ears, the outraged cries of a furious public. Taran Zhu struck the gong futilely, calling for order.

   But Garrosh, it seemed, had only begun. He lifted his shackled arms and bellowed, “Yes! Yes! I would destroy a thousand Theramores, if it would bring the Alliance to its knees! I would hunt down every night elf whelp that bleats on the face of this world and silence their mewling forever! I would banish every troll, every tauren, every simpering blood elf and greedy goblin and shambling walking corpse if it were within my power—and it almost was!”

You can’t say that, and then six months later blame Thrall for everything.