I KIND of agree here? Like whatever fuck Garrosh he got what he deserved, but Thrall should feel /some/ guilt. That said, there’s absolutely no way Thrall or anyone else could’ve foreseen how FAR Garrosh would go. Dude attempted genocide.

Things were getting bad long before Garrosh bombed Theramore though.  You could argue Thall was too busy savin the world and whatever (because he’s ultimate flawless hero #1) but he HAD to have KNOWN shit was going down in the horde.  Iirc he didn’t even ATTEMPT to do something about Garrosh until it was way too late.  Same goes for all the leaders.  Garrosh made his own decisions but literally no one tried to stop him.

Thrall actually did explain himself. He did know. He felt that it wasn’t his place (specifically that the Garrosh was now the Warchief of the Horde, and that it wasn’t “his” Horde anymore)  to do anything until Vol’jin specifically for help:

  “By then he was the warchief. I had no authority to do such a thing. I was not even a member of the Horde, truly, by that point. I became the leader of the Earthen Ring, and it was there that my loyalties lay. Other leaders were in a position to make change, but I was not. I did not even know for certain if my old vision of the Horde was still what the people wanted.”

  “The world did not wait on my return,” he said with a self-deprecating smile. “It changed. The orcs changed. My Horde changed. What was I to do—kill my fellow orcs until it was once again my Horde? Did I have any right to force the Horde to be what it was under my leadership? Did I even have a voice to protest anymore, if I had chosen another path?”

  “If you had been asked—what would you have done?”

  “I was indeed asked for help by Vol’jin. And the moment I received that request from my brother, I answered it with a full heart.”

idek, why he didn’t, you know, ask anyone before it came to that, tho.