dps should only queue as dps if their gear level isn’t obscenely high to the point that a dungeon can’t touch them. there comes a point where it just doesn’t matter.

Exactly lol.  

5man heroics are 5min worth of trash farming to me.  Bosses don’t even live long enough for me to use cooldowns, I just use everything on massive trash pulls.  

Tired of people who think 1 spec is only capable of 1 role and there’s absolutely NO possible crossovers.  Those people are the definition of bad players right there. Like, if I was a warrior queueing as a healer THAT would be a problem (and impossible lol) but as a super geared plate-wearing hybrid with an aggro buff?  The salt is not necessary.

Most people are happy about the quick easy runs but every now and then I get pissbabies like that priest.  Y’all can afk at the start, I don’t give a shit lol.

I’m sad that they’re going to be changing all of this in WoD. I loved nuking everything as an overgeared DPS in LFD.