I’ve been putting this off for a while so consider this my 800 to 900 follower giveaway thing…. y-yay?? I’m offering just two winner this time cuz I’m starting commissions soon so pls forgive me for being cheap….
you want some free art tho? you bet your sweet ass you want some free art n thats exactly what I’m giving you, whatever you want drawn I can (maybe probably) do it!

there’s some catches ofc;

  • gotta be following me ;)))
  • like & reblogs count, but pls don’t spam
  • keep in mind I’m still a learning artist
  • have your ask box open or else I’ll move on & you ain’t winning SHIET.

this lil shit contest will end on september 20th so y’know… hold tight, nerdlingers! wanna see examples of my overly hyped mediocre art? you can see it all right here.

giveaway ends tonight!!