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i thought the malfunctions just used the model of whoever last passed through the teleporter

False! Malfunctions have nothing to do with each other, it’s just the flavor text on the debuff.  It sounds more “engineery” that way I guess, idk lol.


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I really miss the way things used to happen. 🙁 Previously when you used, say, an Orb of the Sin’dorei on an Alliance toon it gave a unique belf look based on your existing hair etc. Now they’re all generic blondes 😐

Yeeah last time I got a debuff it was a blonde ponytail belf girl.  Been that way all expansion.  I miss the old transformations.


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Someone said that the transformations like “Orb of the Sin’dorei” are now back to being based on your model, not generic. Maybe this will be, too?

I’d have to test it out on the PTR or beta.  Haven’t heard anything about it but I hope it’s true!

It’s currently hella broken on the beta for blood elves, it doesn’t actually change tev when I use it on him.

But for all the lesser races, it appears to be fixed.  (From what I can see of the back of Barkentin’s head. I can’t figure out how to turn my character around when remoted into my manchine at home and playing wow)

But his hair is back to what it was before they broke it in 6.0.