A completely serious soundtrack to Siege of Orgrimmar in commemoration of its first birthday. I want to get off Mr. Hellscream’s wild ride

  1. Immerseus // SPLASH FREE (50% OFF cover) – 50% OFF!
    stop standing on the tank platforms
  2. The Fallen Protectors // PonPonPon – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
    what’s the kill order again
  3. Norushen // Dinosaur Laser Fight – Ninja Sex Party
    don’t stand in the fucking laser
  4. Sha of Pride // WE ARE SHOTS☆CANDY!
  5. Zaela & Galakras // Itty Bitty Piggy – Nicki Minaj
    who’s tanking towers
  6. Iron Juggernaut // Captain Jack (Peace Camp Mix) – Captain Jack
    could u be craving my jugjuggies
  7. Dark Shamans // Ready to Die – Andrew WK
    [10 minute track of the tanks screaming]
  8. General Nazgrim // Under Pressure – Queen feat. David Bowie
  9. Malkorok // Start Wearing Purple – Gorgol Bordello
    did anyone see where that arcing smash hit
  10. Spoils of Pandaria // Kataslami Damacy (Quad City DJs vs Yu Miyake) – Misha Dash
    we don’t have enough people on this side
  11. Thok the Bloodthirsty // Thomas the Tank Engine (GoatStep Remix) by GoatStep
  12. Siegecrafter Blackfuse // Danger! (High Voltage) – Electric Six
    who’s been drawing dicks with the laser
  13. Klaxxi Paragons // I Can’t Decide – Scissor Sisters
    I’m a yellow square what does that mean
  14. Garrosh Hellscream // Dearly Beloved Power (Kingdom Hearts vs Kanye West) – Botanic Sage
    how did we all get mindcontrolled
  15. A New Warchief // Super Hey Ya (Outkast Remix) – Lemon Demon
    happy birthday shitbaby

listen to it here.

I feel this on a spiritual level:

  1. Dark Shamans // Ready to Die – Andrew WK
    [10 minute track of the tanks screaming]