A wip for a reference, Roteye’s deathcharger P=

Yeah, Valiant was his war horse before their deaths, and Roteye raised him  as an undead not long after his own rebirth. 

Why is his name Valiant? Well the kids thought it was a cool idea to give the horse an epic name years ago.

Valiant was a draft horse – something similar to a Shire, and he’s VERY large. But Roteye started using him as his mount several years prior to his death. 

As a deathcharger, Valiant’s coat is fully black with a few slightly lighter spots on the belly and muzzle. Aside from weird glowing legshooves, Valian’t mane and tail are sometimes seen being engulfed in blue-white flames as well. The flame isn’t hot, however. The deepest wounds he sustained, as well as his mouththroat, nostrils and eyes also have the same glow.

Also, despite his name, he’s stubborn and lazy as heck, and more often than not will refuse to obey his rider seemingly just to annoy him.