My only thought there is that if they’re left overs from Arthas/Lich king shenanigans, wielding the light would be a pretty different story since they don’t feel any sort of pain like Sir Zeliek in Naxx.

Either way, I wouldn’t be against it Undead Paladins, nothing really matters now that Orcs can be Mages.

They’re actually the remnants of the Scarlet Crusade.  So they’re just Forsaken that were raised during that time that refused to let things go and now exist as doods out to fuckin murda everyone for also being undead.

But they’re paladins.  Give me UD paladins.

I’d be ok w/ undead paladins but they need to have “Unholy Light” and “Hammer of Injustice” like the Reanimated Crusaders in Icecrown.