So my headcanon is that Varian is a very, very large man, like to the point where it’s inconvenient, and because he’s the king, he has special chairs and cups and stuff made for him to make him comfortable.

So I was thinking about that. What if the reason he’s like that is because the royal family (and probably the nobility in general) are, because of controlled marriages and such, more closely related to their Vrykul ancestry than most humans are?

And by some trick of genetics, all of the “gigantic Vrykul” genes crammed themselves into Varian, and now he’s uncomfortably large.

And to maybe this all magically happens without Royal Inbreeding so we can just steer gently away from that. Like maybe they’re very careful about keeping that from happening, they make it priority one when selecting marriage partners, and priority two is VRYKUL VRYKUL VRYKUL.