I am sorely tempted to make Saltbreath both a first generation DK (Dead orc warlock in a fallen knight’s body) and a traditional ‘raised from the dead’ DK

Like, first Gen Orc deteriorated into a mindless monster under the Lich King, and then the King (Or a crazy ass necromancer wanting to fix the noble first dead) grabs a new body for him. However, the First Generation DK’s mind is so rotted, it can’t be fixed, but is rather patched up with the Dead human’s mind/bits

So, you have both worlds, an Orc, and a Human, but…it’s not like, split personality, rather, a perfect mix. Memories of both, and personality tidbits from both sides, but it’s, in reality, not either of them. But it’s still both of them.

I dunno if this is too over the top crazy, it just seems like a fascinating dynamic for me. He probably wouldn’t draw too much attention to the Orcy bits.

It’s an interesting way to get a first gen DK around typical player characters but it seems like it might still suffer from the issues playing a 1st generation DK: He’s here, but why would he want to hang around with mortals?

It also seems like that would be a lot of time and effort for the Scourge, finding a first generation death knight would not be a simple thing, and then patching them up in that fashion doesn’t sound like it would be easy.  If they did do that sort of thing, how did he get separated from the Scourge, and why are they not continuing to pursue him?