This is so fucking stupid. I’m in Indiana and I bust my ass, working at McDonald’s on $7.25 an hour. I make shit for change. Guess what I’m doing? I’m busting my ass looking for another job ON TOP of the one I’m doing.

Do these ignorant fucks even realize that fucking economy won’t change. Once minimum wage goes up, so does everything else.

From one fast food worker to another, find another, REAL job, you lazy swine.


sit down child lol

you really think these people are protesting for a living wage because they’re too lazy to find a better job? seriously?  

A lot of them work multiple jobs and still can’t make ends meet.  Some of them aren’t allowed to work as much as they want to because fast food places (lots of business actually) make more money hiring “part-time” employees instead of full timers. 

That’s why these workers are protesting for a living wage, because the pitiful wages huge corporations hand down are, surprise, not enough for average families to live on.

I dont know your personal situation but you must be quite privileged if you don’t see why raising the minimum wage is extremely necessary.

Also you have no idea how economics work so yeah.

Oh man the OP doesn’t even know how little prices would go up.

I read a pretty neat article on this a while back:

McDonald’s company -owned stores brought in $18.9 billion in revenue last year and spent $4.8 billion on employee payroll and benefits. We can ballpark the total increase in cost of a burger if we assume that all labor related costs will rise uniformly with the minimum wage, which probably overestimates the impact but without more detailed data it’s a good approximation.

Based on those assumptions, I’ve built a table that shows how costs may increase if the minimum wage goes up. To do this I’ve used company-owned store data and assumed that McDonald’s company-owned store profit remains flat.


You can see that prices would go up but a $10 minimum wage would cost consumers about a dime more per dollar spent and a $15 minimum wage, or more than doubling pay, would cost about $0.27 more per dollar. What’s interesting is that labor is only the second largest cost component and food costs should be watched more closely than the minimum wage debate.

So a 2x increase in pay would cause the prices of a Big Mac to go up about a dollar. ($1.08 if you want to be pedantic.) So yeah, the price increase due minimum wage is negligible compared to increased amount of income.

So to quote my old friend Joel: