I’m pretty bummed about how Blizzard chose to portray Golka in the latest Lords of War short. And really getting tired of how all female Horde characters take a back-seat to the men, or worse, shown to be inferior.

They chose to have her deemed “weak” by her actions in the eyes of a Warsong orc like Grom. This could have been an avenue to maybe have her actually “die a warrior’s death” during their battle against the ogres, and have the loss of his mate further fuel Grom’s rage after his capture. 
But instead they have her give up, an act seen to be unworthy of Grom and the Warsong orcs, by begging for death after her defeat. Her integrity as an orc is sacrificed for an easy show of Grom Hellscream being “tough as iron”. FUCK THAT

As the lady of the Warsong clan: Golka is a badass. This wolf /DOES/ HAVE TEETH! 

I like this theory the best: The entire Lords of War series is just Maraad’s orc fan fiction.