So I was asked how would Roteye look if he wasn’t a skeleton, but rather a more, umm… “classical” undead. So I doodled a thing. 

Forgive the, ah, comical and slightly exaggerated style, but I can’t get over the fact that he was supposed to be a comical character. 

Yeah, he’s formerly a human paladin, he was not a Forsaken when he was killed and raised as a death knight. But, after he was “freed” from the Lich King, he joined the Horde, for a lot of reasons, including that he looks a bit way too dead… But either way, unlike most Forsaken, he does not, nor is willing to serve Sylvanas. 

Anyway, he typically doesn’t have that hunched posture, and is a bit… better preserved than most Forsaken. Although I think that if he’d be like this, his arms would probably be torn off and then re-attached… And then he’d have these odd burns and I have no idea why’d he lack most of his face lmao.